Devereux Respite Program
1202 N. Dodge Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85716

Respite Overview (Facility and Family Based Respite)

The goal of Respite is to provide a period of rest for the client and his/her primary caregivers in a safe, structured environment either in one of our Respite Homes or in a Respite Provider’s home. Respite, when used appropriately, can reduce the need for more intensive services and help preserve the family.

The needs of each child are evaluated in determining the optimal Respite environment for a child to thrive. Children younger than four are automatically placed with a Devereux Respite Provider.

Who qualifies for Respite?

Children who are living in a home-setting (biological, foster or adoptive family) and receiving behavioral health services from a community provider may be eligible for respite services.

Admission Criteria

Children ages 4 – 17 (0-17 Family based)
Willing to comply with rules and requirements of the program
Not a danger to self or others
Currently receiving Behavioral Health Services and Respite Care is identified as a need in child’s service plan

Respite Activities

Devereux Respite provides a multitude of activities both in our facility and in the community. Respite activities may include: festivals, parades, sporting events, gardening, basketball, video games, board games, movies, arts & crafts and more.

Advantages of Respite

Provides a break for families in stressful situations
Provides a period of relief for caregivers
Structured, nurturing environment
Peer interaction and socialization
Participation in community activities
Familiarization with structured environment
Self-esteem & confidence building

Hours: 24/7

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  • Residential
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Devereux Respite Program
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