Mental health is an important aspect of our general wellbeing. However, many people feel ashamed to speak up about their concerns, or even worse, are fearful to seek help. Health, both physical and mental, is made of many factors that one cannot control – our genetics, our childhood, access to resources, and more. Stress, trauma, nutrition, and sleep can have an impact on every organ in your body – including your brain. Your brain is an organ just as much as your heart or liver are so it needs just as much care.

Below are links to resources to help you learn more about mental health and get support, if needed.

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If this is not a medical emergency , please visit our Help Now! page here.
If you’re seeking a treatment provider, please use our search page here.
To learn more about specific mental health conditions, please visit the National Institute of Mental Health here. 
For more information on stigma and how you can reduce stigma, please visit the Make it OK campaign here.